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Welcome to Elemental Chiropractic! We hope that you will find this site helpful in learning more about chiropractic care for you and your four legged friends.

Chiropractic care focuses on three elements, art, science and philosophy.  The art of chiropractic encompasses the different adjusting techniques utilized, the science addresses the anatomy, physiology, pathology, as well as the biomechanics of the body, and the philosophy is based on the body's inborn ability to heal itself.  Chiropractic care addresses the body through the spine to influence the nerves, spinal cord and the brain, removing interference which leads to better communication between the brain and body, allowing for better function, reduced pain and improved healing.

Dr. Pam utilizes several different adjusting techniques.  She incorporates diversified, drop table, Activator, SOT and other tonal and soft tissue applications to address each person individually.  The ability to use different adjusting techniques that fit a person's health, injury status and attitude help establish more positive results from her care.

Elemental Chiropractic is here to serve you, your family and your animals.

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