equine chiropractic

Many people think chiropractic is just for people, but our equine friend's also benefit.  Our horse's are subjected to many variations in lifestyle outside of the way they evolved.  These may create additional stress in their bodies that prohibit them from maximum function and performance.  Stress plays a major role in our horse's health and well being.  Specific chiropractic adjustments help the brain and body connect, thus reducing the effects of stress on the body and increasing function of the nervous system.

Here are a few reasons your horse may need to be checked by a certified animal chiropractor:

  • reactive to cinching 
  • refusing jumps 
  • on and off lameness
  • gait is off 
  • change of behavior 
  • poor performance
  • recent teeth floating 
  • tripping 
  • toe dragging
  • poor farrier work 
  • recent antibiotic use 
  • poor saddle fit
  • poor rider balance/position
  • show stress
  • trauma

If you have questions as to why or how certified animal chiropractic care may help your horse(s), give us a call and we will happily arrange for a telephone consultation.

Animal chiropractic works in conjunction with and does not substitute veterinary care

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